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Over 45% of mechanical design in Australia is still attempted using 2D CAD drawing tools, and a fair number of Australian engineers still use no CAD system at all. For high-end mechanical design tasks, CADDIT offers PTC PLM software in Australia:

  • Legendary Creo (Pro/E) 3D mechanical design solution
  • Windchill PLM data management for enterprise
  • 3D CAD tools for FEA, CNC, simulation and collaboration
  • PTC RELEX FMEA and QA management suite
  • First-time discount pricing and financing options
  • "Fast Track" Installation, AE remote access and support
  • Free consultation on integration options, PDM PLM ERP
  • Training options, documentation, PTCU & ATP certified

The PTC/CADDIT partnership affords Australian SMEs (Small to Medium sized Enterprises) a more personal support when upgrading to the world's leading parametric 3D CAD/CAM system. Creo Elements/Pro Foundation XE (formerly Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire Foundation XE) now includes a selection of FREE lite modules for CNC, FEA, ergonomic analysis, piping and routed systems. Creo Elements/Pro license currently also enables the next-generation Creo Parametric software product. Enjoy the freedom of both systems under one license.




Special Offer:

FREE CREO ELEMENTS/PRO TRIAL EDITION DVD with working software, tutorials and a 30-day license for AUSTRALIAN COMPANIES ONLY - conditions apply. CLICK HERE


Announcement of PTC Creo Software

In 2010 PTC announced Creo as the successor to Pro/ENGINEER in a spectacular worldwide webcast event. Creo merges functionality formerly split between CoCreate, Pro/ENGINEER and ProductView and other systems. The resulting hybrid next-generation product will deliver four new cornerstone technologies:

AnyDATA - PTC Creo Systems directly edit 3D CAD files from almost anywhere, while preserving as much legacy data as possible.
AnyMODE - Work the way you want. The split freeform/parametric paradigm between CoCreate and Pro/ENGINEER will be merged within a common user interface and data model.
AmyROLE - PTC product will be packaged to meet job-specific requirements, with a focus on what various business roles need.
AnyBOM - Create and drive product assembly configurations entirely from Windchill PLM project and data management software.


Specific Releases of Creo Software include:

Creo Elements/Pro (formerly Pro/ENGINEER download brochure)
Creo Elements/View (formerly ProductView - download brochure)
Creo Elements/Direct (formerly CoCreate - download brochure)
Creo Parametric 2.0 (New Product / New Interface)

Note Creo Elements/Pro license currently also enables new Creo Parametric product on same workstation.


Benefits of upgrading to Creo Elements/Pro:

  • PTC set the standard for 3D parametric mechanical design. With Creo, PTC offers flexible 3D design software that can be used for parametric/direct/2D/3D design approach.
  • PTC Creo Elements offers more options for direct manufacturing than any other CAD/CAM product in the world. Directly design and simulate sheet metal assemblies - then flatten, auto-nest and cut using Pro/NC contouring and CNC post processing. Mill, lathe, route, cut, punch, stamp, create complete mould bases or forging tools. Compensate for plastic shrinkage, simulate sheet metal deflection using PTC Pro/MECHANICA FEA and much more..
  • PTC Creo native 64-bit option (32-bit standard) offers designers the opportunity to create product assemblies of size they have never been able to work with before. Together with PTC patented "shrink-wrap" technology, Creo Elements/Pro (Pro/ENGINEER) is the perfect choice for designing large mechanical assemblies.
  • Increase business opportunity and efficiency through greater productivity while enjoying the position of using the same PLM CAD software being used by numerous global OEM manufacturers, Fortune 500 and local Australian businesses.
  • Integrate with low-cost PDM software like ProductPoint for team management and "social product design"
  • Creo fits companies of different sizes better than any other high-end 3D CAD system. Most PLM vendors have broken their platform into separate "high-end" and "mid-range" products. This confines "mid-range" CAD users to a limited product that will always be strategically restricted, so not to interfere with that vendor's high-end business. Creo does not do this. A full license of Creo Elements/Pro Foundation XE will cost an Australian small business roughly the same as a basic copy of AutoCAD.


Free Creo Elements/Pro (formerly Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire) product brochures for download or by request, available from CADDIT for Pro/ENGINEER. Contact us HERE for more details, suggestions, to set up a demonstration appointment or request a free demo:

Advanced 2D CAD Products
- Creo Routed Systems Designer
Advanced 3D CAD Products
- Creo Tolerance Analysis Extension
- Creo Advanced Assembly Extension (AAX)
- Creo Manikin Extension
- Creo Expert Framework Extension (EFX)
- Creo Piping and Cabling Extension (PCX)
- Creo ECAD-MCAD Collaboration Extension
CAID Software Products
- Creo Reverse Engineering
- Creo Interactive Surface Design (ISDX)
- Creo Advanced Rendering Extension (ARX)
Simulation/CAE/FEA/FEM Software Products
- Creo Simulate
- Creo Behavioral Modeling Extension (BMX)
- Creo Mechanism Dynamics
- Creo Fatigue Advisor
- Creo Manikin Analysis Extension
CNC CAM Manufacturing Software
- Creo Complete Mold Design
- Creo Computer-Aided Verification
- Creo Expert Moldbase
- Creo NC Sheetmetal
- Creo Plastic Advisor
- Creo Prismatic and Multi-surface Milling
- Creo Production Machining
- Creo Complete Machining
- Creo Progressive Die
- Creo Tool Design
Third Party Data Exchange Products
- Creo Interface for CATIA II with ATB
- Creo Interface for Unigraphics with ATB
- Creo Interface for JT
- Creo Distributed Pro/BATCH
Distributed Collaboration Products
- eDrawings for Pro/ENGINEER
Programming Toolkit Products
- GRANITE Modeling and Interoperability Kernel For CAD/CAM/CAE Applications
- Pro/TOOLKIT Customization API

Download the free Creo Elements/Pro brochure HERE .

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