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What is the purpose of this website?

To encourage use and development of CAD/CAM software in Australia. Users create free profiles, then may use this CADCAM webspace to share their own articles, photos, videos, blog and other files related to Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing in Australia.


Who is responsible for the content?

Users are responsible for their own content and the copyright of material stays with the user. CADDIT Australia manages this website according to the same terms and conditions found on their partner sites.


How Do I Use this Site?

Create a free user profile HERE. After confirming your email address, you are free to log in any time. Once logged in, you will see the USER MENU on the home page (left side) which allows you to upload videos, photos, start a Blog and other things.


I Have Problems to..

  • View My Profile on the Community
    • A known bug with our community software is problems associated with the dot "." in username. If your username has a period, dot or other punctuation, the profile link (and other things) might not work. Try to keep usernames alpha-numeric.
  • Create a new online media (photo or video) album
    • New photo and video albums are approved by the webmaster. Please allow us a day or two to get to your submission.
  • Upload a new photo (or video)
    • We accept links to Youtube or Google Video videos to display
    • We only accept Adobe .FLV format videos from users at this time
    • Users with IE6 (Internet Explorer 6) may experience technical problems with video or photo uploading.
  • I do not live in Australia or New Zealand. Can I still join this website?
    • Only residents of Australia or New Zealand may join this site. Because of the great deal of spam we receive from Russia, China, India and other lands we are restricting access. When those countries change their attitude, so will we.
  • I don't use your CAD products. Can I upload a video about mine instead, or write a blog (even a promotional one) for my own CAD service or products on this site?
    • Normally yes. Subject to common sense, decency and the terms and conditions mentioned before. Website bashing will be removed however. The idea is to offer all users a place to exchange ideas semi-freely. We will not delete material simply because it competes with one of our own products, although we will use this space to of course also promote our own.


How Do I Ask for Help or Make a Suggestion?

Contact us HERE. We are always open to suggestions and ideas, even from other CAD resellers.

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