Structural Steel Profile Design with Creo AFX Software

Structural Steel Design SoftwareDesign with structural steel or profile? Creo Advanced Framework eXtension allows one to completely design 'intelligent' fully-parametric structural profile constructions for building, utility companies, mining and other industries. These structural profile designs can then be fully integrated with other mechanical design aspects which make up the larger PTC Creo design system. The following simple demonstration uses PTC Creo Elements/Pro AFX Advnaced Framework Extension for structural profile design of a simple shed.

As a prerequisite for following the steps of this multi-part tutorial, have Creo Elements/Pro EFX installed and licensed, have basic Creo training for sketch and 3D modeling and understanding of structural steel principles. (For more information about Creo Elements/Pro or a demonstration license in Australia please contact CADDIT at this LINK.)

Creo New CAD Drawing

Step 1. Create a New Assembly...

Step 2. Create a New AFX Project...

Step 3. Begin with a Simple Creo Line Sketch...

Creo Advanced Framework eXtensionCreo EFX Sketch Steel Design


Pro/E Creo Wildfile EFX Expert Framework ExtensionStep 4. Selecting Structural Profile Types in AFX!

Structural Steel Drawing

3D Steel Profile Design Software


Structural Steel Profile Joints Step 5. Adding Structural Profile Joint 

Select the corner joint (see fig.7 left)> select the left vertical 460UB beam> select the 460UB rafter, the joint will be generated (see fig.8) > repeat for opposite end.

Select the Mitre joint> select the left rafter> select the right rafter (see fig.9)

Select the T-Joint> select the 200UB vertical beam> select the rafter (see fig.10):

   CAD software structural profile connectionsStep 6. Connect the Steel Profile Joints

Select the endplate align size (see fig.11)> check the with holes option> change hole dimension>select (1) profile top> select the top face of the rafter> select the (2) attach face>select the inside face of the vertical beam, connection will be placed (see fig.12)> repeat for opposite end.

Endplate align size> enter values (see fig.13) check (a) with holes, select (1) profile top> select the outside face of the vertical beam> select (2) attach face> select the rafter, connection will be generated. Repeat for next beam: 




 Step 7. Mirroring an Existing Sketch

Step 8. Final Assembly


For more information about designing Structural Steel Constructions using PTC Creo's Advanced Framework eXtension, or an eBook PDF of this entire presentation (including additional images and information) contact CADDIT Australia HERE: 


For a free tiral version of Creo Elements/Pro & Expert Framework eXtension in Australia, register HERE: