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2010.03.30 20:19:53

Yeah it is true everyone wants to become faster and faster at any CAD platform that they wanna use. Only problem is, that many people are not to sure how to. One way in which you can gear up the designing and drafting process is using the shortcut keys which are available. In this case we will be looking at some of the key shortcuts that are commonly used in Pro/E Wildfire 5.0:

Regenerate = Crtl+ G

New Files = Crtl+ N

Open File = Crtl + O

Save File = Crtl + S

Find = Crtl + F

Undo= Crtl + Z

Redo= Crtl + Y

Repaint = Crtl + R

Standard View = Crtl + D

For those of you who have known these, may think that is pretty basic knowledge. Another tip to increase your design/drafting speed in Pro/E using the ribbon tabs. Now that is all pretty basic, but you will be amazed on how much time is saved by arranging and customizing the ribbon tabs during the design process. Another tip is the using the Key Tips within the Ribbon tabs. This allow for quick and easy access to the functions and modes of ribbon toolbars.To activate this function simply press the Alt tab button and you will notice your tabs will lettered with appropriate keystrokes for each of the toolbar various functions


It will take time to remember all the functions of Pro/Engineer Wildfire 5.0 but remembering the shortcuts as well as utilizing the Ribbon toolbars to your advantage will cut the learning curve as well as give you that speed edge in the drafting and design side of Pro/E.

2010.03.09 03:15:03

Checking the latest Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 software kit, it appears that the only component of what was once the Pro/LIBRARY standard part library for Pro/E was the Mold Base. There is an online part library available from the browser favorites at http://www.3dmodelspace.com/ptc but each part needs downloaded individually.

After some checking, we discover that active account holders at ptc.com with support access can download most of Pro/LIBRARY in eight parts at http://www.ptc.com/cgi/cs/apps/SftUpd/SftUpdProd.pl (filter for "Pro/ENGINEER" related downloads; scroll to the bottom of the page) and listed under "WILDFIRE LIBRARY DATABASES". Although published with the original release of Pro/E Wildfire there are forward compatible with all releases and operating systems.

Installing these local part libraries require that we set up:

Pro/LIBRARY needs to be manually downloaded and configured as follows:
1: Create SYSTEM VARIABLE PRO_LIBRARY_DIR pointing to very top of library "tree"
    i.e. PRO_LIBRARY_DIR=/usr/local/ptc/libraries
2: Add matching lines in master (/usr/local/ptc/.../text/config.pro):
    pro_library_dir /usr/local/ptc/library
    search_path_file /usr/local/ptc/objlib/bin/config.pro
3: Create a top-level menu (Top-Level "index.mnu" File):

About .mnu files: The .mnu files configure "navigation" for browsing the library from Pro/E assembly component-insert, 2D detailing symbol-insert, etc. Subdirectories listed in an .mnu file will be shown with the description from the .mnu file, unlisted directories (like installation directories) will stay hidden. Folders in the library without .mnu files will show all directories present in that folder without any further descriptions.

(config.pro can be updated by a utility in the bin subdirectory of each part library. A few are not part libraries but symbol libraries which may find a different location)

At last look the LIBRARY files still available are:


When we download and install one, we are asked to chose a target directory (should be a new directory that doesn't currently exist, directly under the library "root" location if we will be installing more than one under PRO_LIBRARY_DIR) in a dialog box:

Install Pro ENGINEER part library for wildfire

Click next and we can choose what sub-libraries to install:

Choose Pro/LIBRARY symbols wildfire 5

The library should install without much drama. Depending on which library we are installing, it can be used within Pro/ENGINEER design in a variety of ways. More information about configuring Libraries in Pro/ENGINEER can be found in "Introduction to the Libraries" (U00590197).

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