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2010.05.13 02:53:37

NOTE Before proceeding to try the suggestions outlined in this tip, remember that PTC strongly suggests configuring FlexLM licenses to use the computer's ethernet interface. We have given these steps testing in a limited number of environments and they may not work for all systems or versions of Windows.

PTC FlexNET licenses are issued in a text file. These license files are configured to run on one "host" (network name of the PC) and encoded for the hardware address ("MAC address" -  no connection to Apple) of the primary network card. FlexLM needs to be able to "ping" the license file's designated host, and have that host resolve to an IP address assigned to a local network card having the encoded hardware MAC address. In other words, the IP host name having the needed MAC address needs to match the host configured in the license file. This scheme runs into big problems with unconfigured ethernet ports on a laptop, ergo these instructions for setting it up on a wireless interface.

Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire will only look at FlexNET services configured for the AVAILABLE network device having the LOWEST numerical value for its key name in the Windows registry at:

The good news is that you can safely "rename" say, the wireless adapter in this list from its original designation of perhaps "13" to the lowest value listed, say "1", without affecting its service. This may be required in situation where a laptop primarily uses the wireless network card but occassionally still plugs into an ethernet connection as well.

This suggestion was found from pointwise.com: Laptops usually employ the DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), in which no IP address will be assigned if a laptop is not connected to a network. This makes the license manger unable to find the vendor daemon on the network via TCP/IP. The solution is to add the machine's real name to /etc/hosts (in Windows C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts) as an additional loopback. For example, given the hostname "goon", add a line in the file, "hosts", as following: localhost loghost goon goon.voom.net # Added for the license manager!
# Do not forget to remove any existing entry for goon!
### goon goon.voom.net
# Continue with any other host entries

However, even with this change some systems require an administrator's manual stop and restart of the "Flexlm Server for PTC" Windows Service (via Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services).

The final solution to the problem is explained on the PTC website support section:

When disconnected from a network Windows machines may disable certain network cards resulting in licensing errors from Pro/ENGINEER and the PTC License Server. Pro/ENGINEER may return the error:
"(-96) License server host is down or not responding" or error: "(-15) Cannot connect to license server system" if configured to a license server or error:
"License request failed for feature PROE_Foundation: -9: Invalid host." if configured to a locked license.

This issue is related to the 'media sensing' feature of Windows 2000 and later (including XP and Vista) and disabling this 'media sensing' feature will resolve the issue.

For more information on 'media sensing' see http:/­/­support.­microsoft.­com/­support/­kb/­articles/­Q239/­9/­24.­ASP

  1. Start Registry Editor (regedit or Regedt32 from the Windows "Run" menu).
  2. Locate the following registry subkey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters
  3. Add the following registry entry to the Parameters subkey:

    Name: DisableDHCPMediaSense
    Data type: REG_DWORD (Boolean)
    Value: 1

A post on the MCADFORUM adds further information:

Run, type regedit, then select OK. Browse to
Double click the Parameters folder then right click on the right side of the Registry Editor window and select New, DWORD Value and change the new value name to DisableDHCPMediaSense. Right click on the new entry and select Modify and set the Value to 1 to disable the Media Sensing feature. Reboot the computer. This will maintain the bound protocols when the computer is disconnected from the network.


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